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Fsociety is a Proof of Work (POW) blockchain which uses the Ghostrider algorithm. Ghostrider was explicitly created for Fsociety, and is designed to keep speciality hardware such as ASICs or FPGA off the Fsociety network.

CPU mining is still the most efficient way to mine Fsociety, but GPUs can also be used. GPU mining however, is not as efficient as CPU mining.

Mining Software
Wyvern CPU Miner
XMRig CPU Miner
XMRig CC CPU Miner
WildRig GPU Miner
ARM Mining
You can mine Fsociety on ARM devices using Wyvern Miner, as well as XMRig. Both have to be compiled for ARM platforms, and work best on ARMv8. This is experimental and not officially supported. Mining on mobile phones is not advisable due to potential dangers involving lithium batteries and overheating.


Fsociety Pools
You can see a list of Fsociety mining pools on Mining Pool Stats.